Vantage of Swirling Mists

Vantage of Swirling Mists


This is a shared Manse (*) among the Sunfall Circle and their closest allies.  It is hidden in the Bordermarches of the far southwest, atop a flattened mountaintop.

A village of hawkmen live here, as resident staff and caretakers.  They are led by Voltan and his sons, Lasseter and Zareef.  All three of the leaders and several of the rest of the hawkmen are dragon-blooded.  

From the central plateau, two huge piers extend into the clouds.  Each of these has docking facilities for several skyships.  The piers have skeletal rigging to support skyships that are faltering in their lift.  A roller assembly extends underneath as needed.

Between the piers and at the central plateau is a large dry dock.  It is suitable to house and repair the Storm Runner, though the ship will need to be modified to stow its main masts to fit in easily.   The dry dock area can also fill with water and features a mechanical exterior door.

Inside the central area, we found a Council Chamber, with caste marks for several of our Circle.

We found many libraries.  Also secret passages, drill field, storage rooms.  

Apartments are present for all of the Circle and plenty for our allies as well.  

We found some trophies and space for more.  

There is a set of frescoes which have a confusing record of our Circle's membership.

The Hearthstone Chamber is concealed near the Council Chamber.

Vantage of Swirling Mists

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