The Storm Runner

The Storm Runner is a skyship of legend and destiny.  She dates, perhaps, from the First Age.  

Her hull has a graceful, rounded bireme shape.  She can sail on the sea with great prowess, even rising partially out of the water to skim hydrodynamically when she reaches speed.

Her true power is revealed in the skies, though.  

The Storm Runner is lifted by 108 Aurora Hands.  These near-fae creatures of the far north have an obsessive desire to pick things up.  Carefully trained and kept, they hoist the skyship with great efficiency and a minimum amount of space devoted to lift.

She has the usual arrangement of decks: Noontide atop ; Evening just below ; Morning resting on her Spine and overseeing her Petticoats ; Alleys below the Spine ; Drafts bottom-most .

Her Balk and Prow Master are both elegantly shaped and constructed.  Her Billows are large and powerful in even a slight breeze, and quite easy to trim.  She can make use of a Topsail as well, though proper rigging takes the hands of a master mariner to keep from drooping the Topsail over the Morning Deck.  Almost unique in the Age of Sorrows, Storm Runner can rig a Thunderhead Spinnaker afore her Prow Master and spanning to a Mast.  Though fragile and difficult to rig and secure, the Spinnaker gives Storm Runner amazing flat-out speed.

Her Morning and Noontide decks are equipped with points to affix a variety of weapons.  Typically, bolt throwers, sail cutters, pitch catapults, and the like.  A heavy point is installed just behind the Prow Master, though just what monstrous weapon might require it is yet to be discovered.

Storm Runner's Ikon is missing, which is surely a sign of ill fortune.

The Keep has provision for Storm Runner's Cipher and Jacksaddle.

The rear of the Keep, reinforced by the superstructure of the Balk, houses the skyship's magnificent Cosmostat.  The crystal dome shines with sun, moon, or starlight.  Elegant rings under the dome support armatures with a variety of instrumentation.  


As she's found, the Storm Runner is in poor condition.  She will require a great quantity of crafting and adventuring to return her to her full glory.

(( I wonder if we'll ever call her Sun Runner? ))


The Storm Runner

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