The Storm This Way Comes

Feasting with Beldesh

Just for a laugh, here's what I put together for Beldesh's wedding feast menu.

We should try making some of these…


Beldesh's Menu


  • Fig and brie pastry cups drizzled with honey and sea salt
  • Carrot-radish-potato soup with goat cheese and honey
  • Summer mix salad dressed with rare vinegar and field honey
  • Honey-pepper glazed shrimp with herb infused steamed rice
  • Five peppers chicken with honey-whiskey sauce and dumplings
  • Giant Frog five ways with honey pepper lemon pesto
  • Hardwood smoked salmon dressed with mango, pepper, honey chutney
  • Orange honey roast chicken
  • Lamb leg and medallions served with fennel, carrot, and honey
  • Roasted sweet potatoes served with hot honey-herb sauce cups
  • Strawberry-Ginger-Honey Yogurt
  • Honey-Mango pie
  • Honey, chamomile, lemon gelato with fresh mint
  • Summertime lavender honey lemonade
  • Pineapple honey upside down cake


gufbrindleback gufbrindleback

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