Kalifiir Sabra

Night Caste Ninja


Kalifiir Sabra

The Wolf of Shadows

Night Caste Solar

Physical Description

Slight build and shortish
Blue hair and eyes


Comes from the Realm but has fam from the far north.

He found that he’d stored the keys (2.10.02) for the Manse at Broken-Bow Hill, which is a Sabra Clan property and apparently his. Leliel had given him “back” his Hearthstone (1.10) when they met in the Pit of Xaarr.

Outlook on life

Kalifiir is a hobbyist, small among serious crafters and philosophers. He has a good sense of color and shape. He practices jeweling and the language of colors. His doodles can be quite expressive, and he has begun experimenting with lenses, prisms, and dyes.

Initially out of place on the Storm Runner (after 2.10.02), he quickly found niches for himself. With Solar Athletics he is at home in the sky ship’s rigging, taking cues from Ketterly Raad. He also helps with precision work on the restoration of the Cosmostat.

Kalifiir is taking uncertain steps toward taking charge of ship’s discipline. He feels a conflict between being intrinsically a criminal and assassin, or being an investigator and judge. His His background didn’t prepare him well for this role or conflict.

The Chronicle Question hangs heavy on him, despite his cheerful demeanor.

Manse – Broken-Bow Hill

Broken-Bow Hill is an Emerald – a rare patch of stable, temperate, fertile land in the far northern mountains. The valley concealing it is covered with long grasses and patches of flowers. The area is airy, bright, and pleasant. Streams run through the valley and collect in clear ponds.

An old monastery sits on a prominent rise in the valley area. It has been re-purposed as a retreat and keep.

The ground floor is double-height, with the front half being the full allotted height. A small foyer opens to a great hall, which was once the monastic sanctuary. The rear of the first floor is a split-level of efficiently packed cells.

The grand stairs between the lowest and middle floor are in the rear of the keep.

The middle floor is devoted to kitchens, pantries, dining, washing, and all of the things that people need to get by. Workshops are also here for art, literature, crafts, clothing, and counting.

The grand stairs between the middle and top floors are in the front of the keep, directly over the foyer.

The top floor is open areas and broad alcoves devoted to libraries, study, and contemplation. A beautiful crystal dome surmounts the center area, refracting sun and starlight throughout the study.

Broken-Bow Hill sustains a Hearthstone called the Alpine Quartz Pebble. This is a rename of the Monkey Stone.


Kalifiir bears the Jinset Harness

He also bears the Midnight Fang

The Unblinking Inward Mirror is installed in his right eye socket.

Kalifiir’s control spell is Unbreakable Bones of Stone


Kalifiir Sabra

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