Blood of Seven Shades

Lunatic Prophet of Doom


Blood of Seven Shades is a Midnight Caste Abyssal . He is a member of the Immortals of Ahn Dorzun .

Seven Shades is, first and foremost, a deeply troubled individual. He has a penchant for ranting, using Charms to twist the minds of any who will listen. His sermons and rantings are disjoint and emotional, but seem also to be earnest, and therefore terrifying.

He seems to have a compulsion to mock and disgrace clergy at any opportunity. He also bears a profound hatred for the Romances of the Sevens and related works, and goes to lengths to despoil them. It is easy to speculate that he is deeply offended by the slyly sympathetic portrayals of faith in the Romances. He may also know of and bear a murderous grudge with their author.

He is also known to drool and leer. His Circle-mates can cajole him to focus on some necessary task, during which time he is cogent and a savage rhetorician.

It is unknown if he bears any Artifacts, but by reputation he is a savage and unconventional empty-hand fighter with a remarkable tolerance for punishment.

Surprisingly for operating in a Circle of Deathknights, his Circle-mates seem patient to endure his presence. Perhaps they have caught a glimpse of the hell he lives in daily.


Blood of Seven Shades

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