Amber-Crowned Sinner

Djala Jurist of Dead Law


The Amber-Crowned Sinner is a Moonshadow Caste Abyssal . He is a member of the Immortals of Ahn Dorzun .

He is a talented jurist, with ambition to write and judge universal law. He suffers from conflicts inherent in trying to craft law to serve everyone at all times, but feels that his difficulties with the project simply make the project more worthwhile.

He seems open to talking about his great work, feeling that the rightness and justice of it is intrinsic and obvious. He throws himself into his work at every opportunity, spending many extra hours on his legal treatises.

In private, he has a crude sense of humor, but is smart enough to keep it in check among the wrong company.

Sinner is a Djala, and actually somewhat small even among them. When he is not among his friends or Circle-mates, he is cagey and quick to assume the worst of any situation.

He is known to bear a Heavy Artifact armor of Soulsteel plates over hard leather. The name of this armor is unknown. Wearing a cloak over it, his slight build lets him pass without people noticing his armored bulk. He moves with no impediment to his freedom of motion.

He wears a long chain of bone and Soulsteel wrapped around his waist. The ends of this chain are two skeletal hands, also rendered in bone and Soulsteel, clasping together to hold the chain on. It is unknown if this is a separate Artifact or part of his armor.

A crown of four large and eight small amber gems is implanted around the circumference of his head (which is usually shaved bald) . This is certainly an Artifact of some sort, and seems likely to be linked to his sobriquet, but its function and name are unknown.

Other than being slight even for a Djala, Sinner has a relatively healthy complexion compared to his Circle-mates. Only Rani seems to have a better relationship to sunshine.


Amber-Crowned Sinner

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