The Fall of the Age of Sorrows

For years greater than memory, Creation has been shackled into an Age of Sorrows. It is a tumultuous age, but as long as supreme power has rested in the hands of the Scarlet Empress, the rest of the world has had something around which to orbit. Now, the Age draws to a close. Stars align, heralding to the very wisest that the order of Creation is soon to be upturned. Strange energies arise from yet-stranger dominions, and the Dragon Lines pulse with the thrum of Essence. The heroes of prior ages reappear. Some of them return as twisted, or as a strange mirror-self reappearing from dead worlds and Lost Aeons. The heroes of forgotten civilizations are not the only ones arising, for tumult and trouble also attract anew the attention of the Celestines. The Storm This Way Comes is an Exalted, Third Edition Chronicle, set in the Aeon Exalted setting. We are using the Momentum Exalted combat rules mod.

The Storm This Way Comes

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